Telling Your Story In Your Way

Your communication should reflect your values and those of your target audience.

We align your voice with your objectives to ensure your communication stays focused on delivering results.

Get the Right Result With the Right Message

Falcon Valley Group is an award-winning, independent public relations and strategic communication practice, providing personalized services designed to support your individual communication goals.  

No two clients are alike and neither are their public relations needs. Falcon Valley Group will partner with you to listen, learn, create, and execute a custom-designed communication plan perfectly suited to meet your objectives – on time and on budget.   

Our approach is not based on what was done 20 years ago, 10 years ago, or even a year ago. Methods based on a media environment of the past won’t cut it in the post-pandemic, social media driven environment.

The good news: The means of production are now within everyone’s grasp. Relying only on news media gatekeepers is no longer necessary to delivering critically important messages. Organizations can control their own content and tell their own story.  

Let Falcon Valley Group position and tell your story to…

Reflect your expertise, benefits, and values

Fulfill the information needs of your target audience

Achieve your goals and objectives

Why Falcon Valley Group is Your Best Choice:

While many public relations firms are scrambling to figure out how to provide service in the virtual environment, we have been operating with an independent and flexible service model for 17 years.

Leveraging senior level experience, award-winning communication skills, and adaptable technology tools to reach fragmented audiences in a new media reality, Falcon Valley Group serves clients in San Diego and across the United States. We’ve never missed a beat since shutdown orders, and we remain fully engaged.

We receive most of our business by direct referral from colleagues and clients.

Our Services

What We Do Best

Strategic Planning

We listen, we ask, and then we deliver a plan that allows our clients to clearly picture their communication objectives, and the actions required to achieve them.


Content Development

Prioritize your owned and social media platforms as your most valuable resources to reach your target audiences without interference or filtering.


Crisis Communication

Think you won't ever face a serious crisis? Think again. Preparation is the key. Falcon Valley Group can leverage decades of specialized crisis experience on your behalf to make any crisis an opportunity to shine.


Public Affairs

When the time comes to influence public perception and issue a call to action, Falcon Valley Group can work with you to craft the strategy that will create public policy change.

Community Relations

Falcon Valley Group will help you create alliances with third-party organizations, building a broad and diverse base of allies and supporters to win legislative, regulatory and public opinion battles.

Reputation Management

Build and maintain trust with your stakeholders by meeting their expectations for transparency and corporate social responsibility.

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Gayle Lynn Falkenthal, APR, Fellow PRSA


Gayle Lynn Falkenthal, APR, Fellow PRSA is President of the Falcon Valley Group, a San Diego based public relations consulting company.

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