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Tuesday, July 01, 2014
Pinkerton has extensive trial and courtroom experience including work on complex child custody cases, including parent "move away" issues; child and spousal support; and cases involving domestic violence.
Tuesday, February 25, 2014
Family law attorney and mediator Sandra Joan Morris has been recognized as the only San Diego family law attorney Super LawyersĀ® honoree for 2014 in the area of Alternative Dispute Resolution.
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Wednesday, May 08, 2013
Clayton Courter wins the Sheet Metal title at the 2013 ABC National Craft Championships in Birmingham, Alabama.

August 10. 2009

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Firefighter’s Dog Needs You to Come to His Rescue
The Max Fund is raising money to fund lifesaving surgery for Bentley the Lab

(San Diego) - A firefighter disabled due to injuries suffered while fighting the 2007 wildfires in San Diego now needs help coming to the rescue of her beloved dog.

Brooke Linman of Mira Mesa was injured during the 2007 San Diego wildfires when she and her crew were trapped in their burning fire engine. They had been trying to evacuate a father and son from their home. Brooke suffered severe burns to her face and back and endured extensive surgeries and rehab. Her husband went back to college to begin a new career to support the family.

Bentley, Brooke’s chocolate Lab, was a great comfort to the family during this difficult time. He captured their hearts from the moment they saw him as a puppy. The Linmans learned Bentley had hip dysplasia (which can be diagnosed as early as three to four months old) that would need treatment later. But Bentley needed treatment sooner rather than later. By the time he was three, Bentley became extremely lame. Brooke took her dog to Trish Penick of Cutting Edge K9 Rehab to see if physical therapy would help.

Due to the family’s situation, they could barely pull funds together to provide initial treatment. Bentley’s limp improved. Unfortunately they simply could not afford the cost of ongoing therapy. With a heavy heart, Brooke told Trish she could not afford to bring Bentley back.

So the Max Fund came to the rescue! Started by Trish Penick, The Max Fund helps pay for rehabilitation and medical treatment for dogs whose owners cannot afford it. It is named for its first recipient, a rescued German Shepherd who needed medical care.

But Bentley’s condition has become worse, and surgery to correct and rebuild Bentley’s hips is now necessary.

This is beyond the current resources of the Max Fund. Trish Penick hopes San Diegans who are dog lovers will help her raise the $5,000 to pay for the surgery Bentley needs to live a long, pain free life.

“Brooke and Bentley’s story touched me profoundly as I am feel so impacted by those that serve us,” said Trish. “It seems like the least we can do is help Brooke care for Bentley after she was willing to put her own life on the line to protect all of us during those devastating fires almost two years ago. It is a small way for us to say thank you.”

For her part, Brooke is grateful for the help the Max Fund has provided Bentley so far. She wrote Trish a thank you letter, which in part she said: “Trish called and told us about a fund that was set up for dogs whose owners were having trouble with finances for their dogs’ rehabilitation and that she would like to offer us some assistance through this wonderful donation. I cried then and I am writing this now through watering eyes. To know that it’s through the generosity of complete strangers and Trish herself, that Bentley is going to get the care he needs to live the long life he deserves... it’s just a blessing I didn’t see coming.”

To contribute to the Max Fund to help Bentley, send checks to Trish Penick, 3508 Wisteria Drive, San Diego CA, 92106. Donations may also be dropped off at the Markim Pet Resort, 4393 Carmel Valley Road (just south of Route 56). For more information call Cutting Edge K9 Rehab at 619-227-7802. All donor intent will be honored. Donations are NOT tax deductible.

About Cutting Edge K9 Rehab

Trish Penick established Cutting Edge K9 Rehab, Southern California's first canine rehab facility, in 1999. After a career providing high-level physical therapy to competitive human athletes including an extensive background specializing in water rehabilitation, Penick was eager to offer these services to our four-legged friends. Cutting Edge K9 Rehab offers an exceptional environment for complete physical therapy and swim therapy over any other facility in the country on the beautiful grounds of the Markim Pet Resort in the Carmel Valley area of San Diego.

Penick graduated from the Physical Therapy program at The Medical University of South Carolina and has completed additional coursework through the American Physical Therapy Association in animal Physical Therapy. Penick contributed to one of the first textbooks published on canine rehab and has been a speaker at the International Symposium on Rehab and Physical Therapy in Veterinary Medicine.

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